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Modernizing undergraduate medical education in eu eastern neighbouring area (mumeena)

EU medical education modernization project in the neighboring countries of Eastern Europe
- Opening of the conference
From January 30 to February 1, 2012, AMU and NDU participated in the conference in Tbilisi, including Leeds Institute of Medical Education, University of Leeds, UK (UoL) the Netherlands’s Utrecht University - University Medical Center, Medical Faculty, Utrecht University, Netherlands (UMC), Spain’s Granada University - Faculty of Medicine, University of Granada, Spain (UGR), Italy, Milan, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (USC), Tbilisi State University (TSU), Ukrainian Bogomolets National Medical University and Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University.
The following areas were discussed: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and universities integrated into the curricula of medical programs to improve the education and training, standard approach and a new content delivery of the new European Medical Education Association and Medical Education of the World Federation (e.g., Geriatrics, Health Organization, sustainable practices methodology of teaching and research skills), the establishment of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine staff training centers.
There were created groups, consisting of representatives of various universities, a discussion was held within the conference. Our delegation put forward proposals in written form. At the conference, students of medical schools emphasized the necessity in more detailed training of such subjects as sociology, psychology, informatics, law, foreign languages.
-Seminar at the University of Utrecht
From March 20-23, 2012 the next meeting was held at the University of Utrecht of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, within the project MUMEENA. During the seminar, the Dutch medical education system provided detailed information on the development of medical curricula for masters, undergraduate students, for the representatives of partner universities there was organized a clinical base methodology with the theoretical and practical bases of education (CBCR), at the end of the seminar, a project development plan was prepared for the countries of Eastern Europe.
-Seminar at the University of Leeds
From 23 - 27 April 2012 the seminar on "Improving professional pedagogical training" (Faculty Development Training) was organized by the University of Leeds in the UK. The seminar was attended by specialists in medical education at the University of Leeds, they gave lectures, shared their experience in this field. Then, there was discussed the possibility of creating a training center for teachers of the medical university of Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan, the delegation of each country made their presentations.
- Seminar at the University of Granada
On June 4-6, 2012, another seminar was held at the University of Granada in Spain. In the training there were given lectures, as well as practical case studies on the teaching of "Research Skills" (Research Skills/Public Health training in Granada, Spain) in medical universities.
Conference at Bogomolets National Medical University
a regular conference was held on November 26-28, 2012. During the conference, the improvement of medical education, the development of clinical thinking among students, the training of research skills, and the creation of a teacher training center at partner universities were discussed.
- Seminar on "Research Skills / Public Health" in Rome
On June 3-7, 2013, a seminar on the topic "Research Skills / Public Health" was held at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome (USC). The seminar was attended by teachers from the Public Health Department of Azerbaijan Medical University and they were introduced to the curriculum and educational materials of Italian universities concerning this field.
- MUMEENA conference in Baku
On October 21-23, 2013, the next conference of the MUMEENA project on the topic "Medical Education Reform: Problems and Achievements" was held at Azerbaijan Medical University.
Rector of the University Academician Ahliman Amiraslanov delivered a speech at the opening of the conference. He stressed how important it was to devote a topic to this area and that within 3 days representatives of well-known European universities would continue to share experience:
"The administration of Azerbaijan Medical University always supports the Tempus program and other international projects in cooperation with foreign universities, and welcomes the organization of such conferences. Thus, such events allow us to take advantage of the world's achievements in medical education. "
The representative of the Ministry of Education - Tamilla Aliyeva, the head of the representative office of the EU Tempus Program in Azerbaijan, Parviz Bagirov, the TEMPUS project coordinator at the Institute of Medical Education at the University of Leeds, Great Britain - professor Trudy Roberts, the head of the AMU department - Nasimi Gasymov spoke at the event.
The conference continued with the speech of Associate Professor, the head of the MUMEENA project at AMU, the head of the international relations department of University Rakhima Gabulova. Moreover, by support of an employee of Leeds University, Anna Marie Reid, the representatives of partner-universities from Georgia, Ukraine and coordinator universities from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy took part at the conference. Furthermore, the conference was attended by students and representatives of various departments of AMU, who continued the event with lectures, seminars and interesting discussions.